A glimpse at the future of payments


Evolution’s mission is to make digital cash easy to use and access for all users, even those who aren’t technologically savvy. Anybody will be able setup an account on the blockchain, add contacts and pay them by name. Purchases from websites or mobile apps will be simple, requiring only a single click.


Evolution will introduce a new type of light wallet which will have SPV security and browser compatibility. This wallet will connect directly to our P2P network of over 4,000 nodes.


In Evolution, you will be able to connect directly with merchants to make purchases or even setup auto debits to pay for subscription services. Every merchant that integrates Dash will be searchable on the blockchain, and you will be able to rate purchases so the community can decide which vendors are providing quality products and services.


Add Dash payments to your site or mobile app in minutes using a simple, decentralized API. Forget about complex infrastructure or relying on third parties to handle your customer’s payments and build direct relationships with your customers using the blockchain.



Now that Dash 12.1 has been released, our next step will be to release an alpha version of Evolution toward the end of 2017. We will be making additional releases before then, including a full whitepaper, so please check back here for updates. Stay tuned!

Latest News

Privacy Crypto DASH Surges 10% to All-Time High of $23.88

Feb 20, 2017

Privacy-centric digital currency DASH - the sixth most valuable cryptocurrency in the world - rallied 10% today to an all-time high of $23.88. At approximately 11:40 EST on Sunday, the DASH/BTC exchange rate on U.S.-based exchange Poloniex hit a 1...


Dash Open House March 30 at SkySong w/ Ryan Taylor, Evan Duffield & Amanda B. Johnson. All invited!

Feb 19, 2017

Outreach is being done via the ASU inter-campus events calendar, to a few dozen ASU student organizations, a handful of relevant subreddits, the Freedom’s Phoenix crew, and others.


Dash Rises Significantly Since January, Market Cap Nears $140m

Feb 18, 2017

Privacy focused cryptocurrency Dash has experienced a very strong rally recently. From the last time we reported on it Dash’s price has already increased about 20%, from under $16 to over $19.3. And in total, Dash’s market capitalization has soare...


Crypto Traders Flock to Altcoins Amid Bitcoin Price Malaise

Feb 17, 2017

With many crypto traders sitting on the sidelines and awaiting news from China, volumes for bitcoin, the market’s most highly traded asset, have seen a decline. Market participants traded 6,670 bitcoins through Bitfinex, one of the world’s largest...

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